Eric Gets The Year of the Snake: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac Book is an 2014 animated short film by 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios and Go!Animate. It was theatrical released with the IMAX 3D release of Go!Animate The Movie in 2014. It stars TigerMario2002 and Madison Farr. The Short recieved very positive reviews based on it's release.


  • TigerMario2002 as Eric, French Announcer, Dad, Mr. Krabbar, Sir Topercrap, The Store Clerk
  • Madison Farr as Mom


  • Eric: I am going to order The Year of the Snake: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac book on because I am grounded for a week.
             The Year of the Snake: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac.
                           6 dollars and 95 cents.
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  • Eric: Yeah! I ordered it! It will arrive tomorrow, April 19th! Because today is April 18th! I cannot wait for it to come!
  • French Announcer: 1 day later?
  • Eric: Thanks Mr. Mailman! You are the best! It just has to be my book!
  • Dad: I just need to see the receipt. Order Total: 6 dollars and 95 cents!
  • Dad: (angrily, volume: 400%) Eric, I cannot believe that you ordered The Year of the Snake: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac book!
  • Mom: (angrily, volume: 400%) That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded!
  • Dad: (angrily, volume: 400%) That's right! There will be no TV, no movies, no video games, no fun, no dessert, no pizza, no popcorn, no life, no GoAnimate, no Facebook, and no Twitter!
  • Mom: (angrily, volume: 400%) That's right! Go to your room now!