Eric Kart: Double Dash!!! is a game that is similar to Mario Kart: Double Dash!!!

Playable Characters

  • Eric And Hitler
  • Diesel And Tiyana
  • Stephanie and Lucy
  • Terrence And Gabbie (Unlockable)
  • Paul And Brian (Unlockable)
  • Daillou And Caillou
  • Diesel Dawson And Joyce
  • Macusoper And Jackie
  • Barney And Riff
  • Natalie And Zara


GO! Cup

  • Hitler Circuit
  • Natalie Beach
  • Lucy Park
  • Dry Warm Desert

Plant Cup

  • GoAnimate Bridge
  • Eric Circuit
  • Zara Cruiser
  • Daillou Stadium

Crystal Cup

  • Arctic Land
  • GoAnimate City
  • Terrence Circuit
  • Diesel Mountain

Crown Cup

  • Caillou Colosseum
  • Prehistoric Jungle
  • Barney's Castle
  • Rainbow Track

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