Eric Peter Smith is a teenager who has only a extremely low chance of getting grounded. He has been created by a 16-year-old YouTuber and GoAnimator named Angelo Michael Tuono, who you know from the GoAnimate v2 Wiki and YouTube as Foxy Momogowi. 

Likes: School, chocolate, choclate related things, his friend: Jacob “Jake” Cunningham, his parents: Diesel and Kimberly, his sister: Crystal, Minecraft, etc.

Dislikes: Being/Getting grounded, BobbyisPoopy, Warren Cook (except on some videos), Flin Bon Doom, etc.

Eric with Parents & Friend

Top Left: Eric Top Right: Eric's Dad, Diesel Bottom Left: Eric's Mom, Kimberly Bottom Right: Eric's Friend, Jacob, or simply, Jake

How Eric Came to Be

The first Eric Smith video by Angelo was published on April 15, 2014. He wears a red and white striped shirt, green shorts, white shoes, and glasses. You can already tell by the picture shown to the right side of the page. But GoAnimate is a crazy world, even for Eric. What’s gonna happen; nobody knows...

Supporting Videos

Eric appears in several other videos, but a few examples are:

1) “Ask Momogowi” - Eric asks the questions YouTubers and GoAnimators ask, and Angelo answers them. The series (so far) had 5 episodes, and you have a limited, time to ask your questions, so when you’ve seen the latest one, you better hurry!

2) Random Videos - Angelo sometimes has no idea what video to make, so when he feels like that, he makes a bunch of videos that don't make sens, but are so funn!

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