Eric and Cole - Extreme Superheroes is an animation created by Toonline Original Productions. It premiered with the pilot episode on August 1, 2012, on Toonline Network, as apart of the Back to School Marathon

Here is a list of episodes-

Seaon 1: 2012

Season 1 will consist of 52 episodes, as ordered.

Episode # (Season #) Episode Title Directed by Air Date Description
1(1) 101 "Two Definitions of Pilot" Rjbear178 August 1, 2012 It's a normal day in Goville. Eric and Cole bump into eachother at a soda machine. They are both knocked out for 2 seconds. Then they wake up and walk away, unaware that they somehow just got superpowers. A pilot attemps a suicide from a plane 30,000 feet in the air. Both Eric and Cole somehow "sense" the pilot falling, and they come to the rescue.
2(2) 105 "Superbirds" Rjbear178 August 8, 2012

Eric and Cole decide they should stick together at all times to make sure they are both on time to an emergeny. While they eat lunch one day, they tamper with their powers to make their lunch better. Instead they turn themselves into birds.

Production Error: 3 other episodes were metioned. This is because this is the 5th episode produced, although it is the 2nd episode of the series.

3(3) 103 "Captain Oddball" Rjbear178 August 15, 2012 Eric and Cole visit the soda machine to see if they can solve the mystery of their superpowers. Then a man walks up to get a soda and recieves odd powers.
4(4) 104 "Flying Human" Rjbear178 August 22, 2012 Eric and Cole are eating lunch one day and are interupted when they spot a flying man.
5(5) 102 "Lost in the Small Woods" Rjbear178 August 29, 2012 Eric and Cole are lost in the woods.
6(6) 107 "Missing Soda" Rjbear178 September 2012 The sode machine is missing.
?(7) 112 "Misson Aaron - Part 1" Rjbear178 Expected to air September 2012 Series Crossover
?(8) 113 "Mission Aaron - Part 2" Rjbear178 Expected to air September 2012 Series Crossover
?(9) 109 "Hot Pursuit" Rjbear178

September 2012

Captain Oddball claims he knows who knows the secret to the superpowers, but refuses to tell.
?(10) 110 "Meet The Parents" Rjbear178 October 2012 Eric meets Cole's parents.
?(11) 111 "The Crowds" Rjbear178 October 2012 Crowds chase Eric and Cole.

Unscheduled Episodes

Here are the unscheduled episodes:

Production Code Episode Title
106 "Narrator"
108 "News"
114 "Suprise Party"
115 "On the Run"
116 "Old McDonald has a Brat"
117 "Meow, Meow, Mama Mia"
118 "Austrailia Dude"
119 "On the Run: The Austrailia Sequal"
120 "Eric and Cole - Extreme Supercritics"
121 "Eric and Cole's Early Christmas"
122 "Traveling from the Circus"
123 "Eric and Cole's New Year Special"
124 "Bonjoure"
125 "On the Run - Paris Finale - Part 1"
126 "On the Run - Paris Finale - Part 2"
Pre-production "Back to America"