Eric beats up a boy most of us know! He calls Aaron to help him!


TigerMario2002: as Eric, Aaron, Calliou, Eric's Dad, PBS Announcer Note: TigerMario2002: does all the voices in the cartoon


Eric: (angrliy) Man! I hate caillou! He, Rosie, and all of the characters are annoying and stupid! You know what, I'm going to beat up caillou, rosie, and the others, (schemeing) but there is something I had to do first!

(Screen fades out)

(Screen fades in)

Eric: (on phone) Hey, aaron. Can you come to my house?

Aaron: Sure!

(Aaron comes to Eric's House)

Aaron: What's up, Doc?

Eric: You don't have to say that and I was thinking that we would beat up caillou.

Aaron: Yeah, Caillou sucks! Pokemon Rules!

Eric: Agreed, let's go find caillou's house

(They find caillou's house)

Caillou:hey! there's eric and aaron beating us up!

after that

Eric: yay! they are beaten up!

PBS announcer: you beat up caillou? that's it i am calling your dad!

Eric's dad: Eric, how dare you beat up Caillou he was my favorite tv character. you must be a shame of yourself! 

Eric: i'm sorry dad

Eric's dad: apology unaccpeted, you're grounded grounded grounded grounded  for 18964732596754356453935649 years, that means i gonna beat you up.

(Eric's dad  beats up Eric)

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