Eric (himself)

Cop #1 (Kidaroo)

Cop #2 (Alan)

Brian (himself)

Eric's dad (Diesel)

Eric's mom (Kimberly)


Eric walks down the streets and sees a doughnut lying on the ground. Unfortunately, two cops see him and take him away to prison. However, Eric calls his parents and confirms that he didn't litter. The second cop frees Eric and the two go to find evidence. Since Eric didn't litter, they go to the office. To make things better for Eric, where the doughnut was contained security systems. They both watch a video and the suspect is revealed to be Brian. Brian goes to jail. Back at home, Eric's parents were glad that he told the truth and got the real suspect so he was un-grounded.


(Eric walks down the street and sees a doughnut lying on the ground)

Eric: What is this lying on the ground?

Cop #1: You are under arrest for littering!

(in jail)

Cop #1: You will be staying here for the rest of your life!

Eric: It wasn't me.

(Back at home)

Eric's mom: It's our son calling me from jail. 

Eric: I swear I did not throw the doughnut on the ground.

Eric's dad: Did I hear you did not throw the doughnut on the ground? May I speak to the cops?

Eric: Yes.

Cop #2: What do you mean he did not throw the doughnut? If you are sure. He should be outta here.

(Cop #2 frees Eric and they go to the office)

Cop #2: Are you sure you didn't throw the doughnut on the ground?

Eric: Yes.

(Cop activates the security system to see Brian walk by with a doughnut in his hand)

Eric: Oh my god, Brian was the one who littered.

Cop #1: Oh my god, he is going to be in prison for the rest of his life.

(back at home)

Eric's dad: Eric, I can't believe you told the truth about Brian littering. He is so grounded grounded grounded.

Eric's mom: He will be forced to watch Hello Kitty, Barney, Rugrats and much more when his jail time is up.

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