Survey manager-Dallas

Eric's dad-Diesel

Eric's mom-Kimberly


Eric went on a site to download Downfall. However, he had to complete a survey first. Suddenly a thought came into his head. He'd like to kill the survey manager. He went to the headquarters and killed the survery manager. His parents grounded him.


Eric: I'm bored. What should I do? I got it. I should download the movie Downfall.

Computer: Please complete survey.

Eric: What? Please complete survey? That sucks. I got it. I will kill the survey manager.

(Eric takes a shotgun and walks to the HQ)

Eric: This is where the survey manager is.

Survey Manager: Hello, if you want to download Downfall, please complete a survey. If you can't...

Eric: You must die!

Survey Manager: No (102X)

(Eric kills the survey manager)

Eric: Hooray! I killed the survey manager.

(at home)

Eric's dad: Eric, how dare you kill the survey manager!

Eric: But he was responsible for putting surveys on websites and he was about to keep me from downloading the movie Downfall.

Eric's dad: I don't care. You are grounded for 94120495867281920583940892899 years. I will hire a new survey manager from my work so you will not download anything for a long time.

Eric's mom: Go to your room now.

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