Transcript featuring Eric smith and Deisel smith

Eric: Jonarazzi Studios beat me up again.

Eric's father (Angry): And you deserve it! You are gounded for good. Now get in the car becuase you're going to karate!

After they got in the car

Eric: I don't want to go to karate. If I took revenge on Jonarazzi Studios, I would get expelled.

Eric's dad: You have to take revenge. You have to go to karate.

At the karate center

Karate master (Liang's voice(Angry)): Jonarazzi Studios, we have a new student. Welcome to karate. You are one of the only two students here. That means both of you have to work extra hard. Okay, first thing you have to do is push ups. Give me thirty.

After 30 push ups....

Eric: I need a break.

Jonarazzi Studios: Me too.

Karate master (Liang's voice(Angry)): You do not get a break until you do more than just push ups. Okay, next thing you guys have to do is laps. Do 10 laps.

After 10 laps:

Eric: My legs hurt.

Jonarazzi Studios: I feel weak.

Karate master (Liang's voice(Angry)):: And you deserve it! Now wipe those frowns off your face and show me your styles.

After Eric and Jonarazzi Studios do karate.....

Eric: How were our moves?

Karate master (Liang's voice(Angry)): Changing into wiseguy in

Karate master (Wiseguy(Happy)): Well done both of you. You have done enough for one day. You can go home if you want! (Eric and Jonarazzi Studios turn surprised while they hear it.)

Eric's father (Happy): Heck freaking yes! Eric, I am so proud of you. You didn't get kicket out of karate! That's it. You are not grounded anymore. It means. You can have XBOX, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64, Mc. Donalds, Wendy's, Burger king, exetera.

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