Calthax: Okay, today's story is called "Eric makes a Fake Tornado".

The video starts.

At GoAnimate High School.

Teacher: Ok Class. Today we are going to watch "One Direction: This Is Us."

Eric: Excuse me Teacher, can I use the restroom?

Teacher: Yes, you may Eric, but be quick. we are about to watch "One Direction: This Is Us."

Eric leaves the room.

Eric: I'm going to make a fake tornado prank! (evil laugh)

Principal: We have to go to the 2 hour meeting at GoAnimate Middle School.

Eric: The coast is clear. Now to change my voice into Principal Calthax's.


Eric: Ow, pulling my vocal cords hurts real bad. Anyways. lets do this!

(beep beep)

Eric: Attention students! This is not a drill! There is a tornado approaching the city! Teachers, go to the shelters. This is a real emergency! We want to keep all of GoAnimate High School students safe! Further instructions will be ahead!

(beep beep)

Eric: (evil laugh) Pulling and hitting my vocal cords feel much better.

(Everyone is crying, except for Warren Cook who puts a sneaky face and decides to make Fake VHS openings)

Fluttershy: I, I, I, I, I'm scared scared scared scared!

Teacher: Fluttershy, I know your scared, but be 100% quiet, like Principal Calthax said.

Eric runs back.

Teacher: Eric what are you doing in the halls with a tornado here. Get in the basement now!

(2 1/2) hours later.

(beep beep)

Intercom: This is Officer Alex, to notify that the tornado has been a result. Students, get back up. I'm saying that the tornado is not over and we're making student evaculation. Staff, line up your students, section by section. We will find the student who made this prank.

(Everyone outside is shocked, except for Warren Cook who is dancing and being excited)

Alex: We need to find out who made the fake tornado prank!

Calthax: Let's check the cameras to see who did it!

At Principal Calthax's Office.

Calthax: You know why I called you here? Oh nevermind, our cameras have sound now. They caught you pulling your vocal cords like mine and faking the tornado.

Alex: This can result in a suspension, which your been doing for 2 weeks.

Eric: No please no please no please take off my suspension!

Alex: I'm sorry, but rules are the rules. Go home, now. now!

At home...

Dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Eric how dare you make a fake tornado and get suspended? You know that doing those kinds of things, can possibly get you arrested. That's it!

Mom: Your grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for five weeks! Go to your room now!

Eric: It was supposed to be a harmless prank! (cries)

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