Eric's mom- Kimberly



Eric wanted to go to Arby's and his mom said he could. They went in the car and arrived. When they got there, Eric ordered popcorn chicken,  large coke and a banana split shake. The clerk told Eric there was they were out banana split shakes so he offered him a chocolate shake. To this Eric got mad and destroyed the counter injuring the clerk in the process, so he and his mom had to go home.


Eric: Hey, Mom.

Eric's mom: Yes, Eric?

Eric: Can we go to Arby's?

Eric's mom: Sure.

(At Arby's)

Clerk: What would your son like?

Eric: I'd like popcorn chicken, large coke, and a banana split shake.

Clerk: I'm sorry but we're out of banana split shakes.

Eric: You must be kidding.

Clerk: Don't feel bad. How about a chocolate shake instead?

Eric: But why?

Eric's mom: Because, there are no more banana split shakes. Why don't you have a chocolate shake.

Eric: No way, I want what I want.

Eric's mom: Stop being such a spoiled brat. You can have the chocolate shake or you can have nothing at all.

Eric: Neither. I will destroy the counter.

Eric's mom: That's not a choice and besides everyone is looking at us.

(Eric destroys the counter pinning it on top of the clerk)

Clerk: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

(in the car)

Eric: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Eric's mom: Stop crying like a baby. I am not happy for what you did at Arby's. Even worse, you injured the clerk. The manager came and now we can't go back there anymore.

Eric: I told the manager and clerk I was sorry.

Eric's mom: I think you sent the clerk to the hospital and not only that, the manager was yelling at you and you didn't seem to care.

Eric: Can I at least go back to Arby's and get the chocolate shake?

Eric's mom: The answer is no. We have been banned by the manager from coming to Arby's until further notice.

Eric: Hey kids, check out if you can, thanks!

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