Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbin Exterior


Eric- himself

Mom- Kimberly


Passer-by Brian

Conductor- Zach

Kids- Tween Girl, Julie, Young Guy, Emma, Shy Girl, Ivy, Diesel, Elizabeth, Eric, David, Amy, and Joey

Eric's shouting voice- Diesel


Eric and his mom go to Baskin Robbin's. When they get there, Eric orders a vanilla milkshake. The clerk tells him that they were out of vanilla milkshakes so he offers Eric a Splish Splash sherbet. This makes Eric mad and he causes a ruckus in the restaurant. Eric and his mom go home by train. After the conductor was informed that Eric used a weapon at Baskin Robbins, he was mad.



The train where Eric and his mom were boarding

Amtrak night

The interior of the train Eric and his mom took. (Note: On Goanimate, it is shown as a subway but an Amtrak train is appropriate)

Eric: Hey, mom, can we go to Baskin Robbins?

Eric's mom: Sure. Let's go!

Eric's mom: We'll go there by train.

Eric: Why?

Eric's mom: Because my car broke down and it costs a little too much for it to be repaired.

Eric: Okay.

(At Baskin Robbins)

Clerk: What would you and your son like?

Eric's mom: I would like a baseball sundae.

Eric: I would like a chocolate donut and a vanilla milkshake.

Clerk: I'm sorry I have to say this but we're out of vanilla milkshakes.

Eric: What? Is this a joke or something?

Clerk: Don't feel bad. Why don't you get a Splish Splash sherbet?

Eric (shouting): No way, I want a vanilla milkshake so I need it now.

Eric's mom: Stop acting like a spoiled brat. You can either have the Splish Splash sherbet or you can have nothing.

Eric: I got a better choice!

Eric's mom: Eric, that is not one of the two choices, the two choices are... Eric what are you doing?

(takes gun from passer-by)

Passer-by: Hey you! That gun is mine! Give it back now!

(shoots everywhere in the store)

Kid #1: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #2: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #3: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #4: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #5: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #6: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #7: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #8: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #9: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #10: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #11: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Kid #12: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Eric: Grrrrrr!

Clerk: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Eric's mom: Eric! What in the name of the Powerpuff Girls is wrong with you?!?!?! How dare you shoot 12 kids and the clerk! That's it, you are going home.

(At train station)

Eric's mom: On the train.

(on train)

(conductor walks by and sees Eric crying)

Conductor: What is going on here? I can see Eric crying.

Eric's mom: That will make you blow up. Eric used a gun and killed 12 people as well as the clerk because I couldn't get him what I wanted and now we got banned forever.

Conductor: Eric! How dare you use a firearm and kill 12 people and the clerk as well! Doing stuff like this can possibly get us arrested!

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