Phil DeVille-Diesel

Kimi Finster-Ivy



Eric is bummed out because he doesn't have an XBOX1. They go to Game Stop to get one. When Eric asked the clerk if they had one, there was no more left. Eric was forced to get an iPod shuffle. To this, he insulted the clerk much to the horror of Phil and Kimi. Then, he chose to make an earthquake at Game Stop. When Eric's dad realized that Eric had caused an earthquake, he grounded him.


Mom: Eric, why are you mad?

Eric: Everyone has an XBOX1 but not me. Can we go to GameStop and buy one?

Mom: Sure. Let's go!

(at GameStop)

Eric: Can I get an Xbox1?

Mom: Let's ask the clerk.

Clerk: Welcome to Game Stop, how can I help you?

Eric: I would like an XBOX1.

Clerk: I'm sorry. We're all out of XBOX1s.

Eric: You must be joking.

Clerk: Don't feel bad. Why don't you have an iPod shuffle instead?

Eric: I don't care, you big hummingbird!

Mom: How dare you call the clerk a big hummingbird! Now Phil and Kimi are staring at us because of this.

Phil DeVille: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Kimi?

Kimi Finster: I sure am, Phil. This dispute is making me cry! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Phil DeVille: Don't cry, Kimi. I'm sure they'll figure something out.

Mom: Now you chose to make Kimi cry. Eric, this is your final warning! Either get the iPod shuffle or you'll have absolutely nothing!

Eric (Wiseguy): Screw the iPod shuffle! Screw Game Stop and screw you Mom! That's it! I'm gonna sabotage Game Stop by making an earthquake!

Mom: You'd better not!

Eric (Wiseguy): That's it! Time to sabotage the store.

(Eric makes Earthquake)

Announcer: Attention, an earthquake is happening at Game Stop. Please evacuate immediately.

(at home)

Dad: I'm home from work but what happened here? I can see Eric is crying. Please don't tell me he caused trouble.

Mom: Well, you'll blow up for this. Eric chose to make an earthquake at Game Stop all because I couldn't get him what I wanted. Now we're banned from coming to Game Stop forever.

Dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Eric, how dare you make an earthquake at Game Stop! You know doing stuff like that could possibly get us arrested!

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