Erica Gets Annie on VHS While Gets Grounded

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  • Erica: Dad, Can I Get Annie on VHS, please?
  • Dad: (angrily) No!
  • Erica: Why not?
  • Dad: Because you're grounded because you got Grease on VHS without permission.
  • Mom: Honey I got to go shopping and your dad is taking a nap right now
  • Erica: My Mom's gone i'll sneak to the video store
  • Erica: I'm gonna get Annie on VHS
  • Man: It is in the disney area
  • Erica There is an Annie 1982 VHS
  • Man: There's Annie VHS Have a great day!
  • Erica: I finally got Annie On VHS from 1982
  • Erica: I'm gonna watch it right now! Now first, I gonna put this tape in the VHS player
  • (She Puts On Annie)
  • Erica: let's watch it
                                      Columbia Tristar 
                                   HOME ENTRAINMENT
                                COMING SOON TO THEATRES

                SpongeBobSquarePants The movie Trailer
                                 FEATURE PRESENTATION
  • Mom: I'm back from shopping now I have.....
  • Mom: What's that in your hand young lady?
  • Erica: But Mom it's just made of cardboard.
  • Mom: Erica, don't lie to me. your dad told you not to go get Annie on VHS and I will return it to the video store right now.
  • Erica: Oh no no no. don't return it on vhs!
  • Dad: Erica, I can't believe you got Annie on VHS!
  • Erica: I'm sorry dad.
  • Dad: Sorry won't work you're grounded grounded grounded for the rest of the week.
  • Dad: GO TO BED NOW!

Mom: Erica, I Can Believe You Got Annie 1982. But Why Is A Good Movie Mom:Is A Good Movie I Hate The Song We Got Annie And That Song Sucks To Me When Is Was A Little Child To The Movie Theater To See Annie 1982 And The Song Really Sucks Don't Look Your Father Is Back

  • Dad: Your Grounded Erica No Annie 1982 For A Year

Erica No No No No No No No No

  • Music The End 
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