Erika: Man I Hate Twilight Princess I Got From Zelda, I Know I Will Destroy It Into Pieces.

(Terminator 2 Theme Plays)

Erika: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! The Cover Has A Hole In It Thanks Drill.

Erika: Why The Hole Is Looks Like A Bad One Ha Ha!

Erika: Another Hole One Hard Ha Ha! And I'm Starting To See The Game CD!

Erika: I'm Also Throwing This DVD!

Erika: Yay! I Finally Got Rid Of The DVD Now To Tell My Dad.

Erika: Guess What I Destroyed The DVD Today.

Erika's Dad: Oh (20x) Erika How Dare You Destroy The DVD That's It Your Grounded (10x) for Serenity Oh You Know What Happens If You Destroy Any Zelda Stuff?

Erika: I Become A Monster Like Zelda and The Others.

Erika's Dad: That's Right Erika Get In The Car Let's Go To The Monster Island.

(At The Monster Island In Zelda's Castle)

Zelda: So What Brings You Here?

Erika's Dad: Erika Destroyed The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess On DVD.

(Zelda Turns Into A Dinosaur Then Does A 1962-1975 Godzilla Roar)

Zelda: Erika How Dare You Destroy The DVD Now You Will Turn Into A Monster Do You Know Who Will Turn Into A Monster I Will Give You A Hint, She is From Fire Emblem Awakening, She Is In Love Of Robin and Marth, and Is A Dragon Speices Do You Know Who It Is?

Erika: I Don't Want To Be Turned Into A Monster By Lucina.

Zelda: That's Right Lucina Will Turn You Into A Monster, Lucina!

Lucina: Yes Zelda?

Zelda: Turn Her Into A Monster.

Lucina: Yes Mam.

(Lucina Does Her Final Smash To Turn Erika Into A Monster)

Erika: Oh No! I'm No Longer Me I'm A Monster

Erika's Dad: That's Right Erika You Will Be A Monster So That Means No Anything Except For Seafood From Now On.

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