• Erika: I'm going to the zoo today!
  • Erika: These Lions Are Excellent!
  • Erika: These Asian Elephants Are Stupendous!
  • Erika: These Macaws Are Great!
  • Erika: These Cuban False Chameleons Are Awesome!
  • Erika: This Nile Crocodile Is Cool!

(Princess Zelda Does A Loud 500% 1962-1975 Godzilla Roar)

  • Princess Zelda: Erika! Erika! Erika! Erika! Erika! Get Over Here Right Now!

(Car Goes To Erika's House)

  • Erika's Dad: Erika, I Can't Believe You Went To The Zoo Without Permission! I Was Just About To Call The Police! You Had Me Worried Sick! That's it! You Are Grounded for Double Serenity!
  • Princess Zelda: Now You Are Forced To Play The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess For The Rest Of Your Life.
  • Erika's Dad: I Will Say To Go To Your Room But I Have To Say This Start Playing The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Or Your Grounded For Triple Serenity.
  • Erika: Why does this always happen to me? I hate my life!

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