Erika has to go to her grandmother's funeral because she passed away at age 89. Adrianna wants to go to the beach but she has to go with Erika. To this, Erika makes Adrianna go to the beach herself but when they go to to the church, the congregation was singing the final hymn. Erika had made her parents late for the funeral and she was grounded.


Erika: I'm bored. Mom, why are you crying?

Mom: Your grandmother passed away at age 89. We are going to her funeral.

Adrianna: I want to go to the beach.

Dad: No, you are going to the funeral with Erika.

(in car)

Adrianna: But I want to go to the beach.

Erika: Fine, drop Adrianna off at the beach.

(at beach)

Adrianna: Thank you.

Dad: Now we have to go to church.

(At church)

Mom: Oh no, we are late for the funeral. All we wanted to do was mourn our grandmother but you stalled us. The congregation is singing their final hymn.

Oh no, we have missed the funeral. Oh (17X)!! Erika, how dare you make us late for the funeral! That's it! You're grounded!

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