Eternal Darkness' Ghost when he died

Eternal Darkness is part of The Element Brothers and the humanoids also but if you want to know his history then here it is his girlfriend is Megumi

Eternal Darkness' early life

Born:May 11th 1000

Died:March 11th 2013 (Aged 1013)

Cause of death:Got Killed by the Lake of Black

Eternal Darkness in GoAnimate form

Eternal Darkness' Rivals

Enemies: Alex Young from Go Animate Celerium form, Ajax, Light, Dark, Tune, and Baxter

Friends: Sexi, Sister Jigglypuff, Bobbyispoopy, NopeComedian, Nathan Pearson, Element Humanoid, and GrandChase RealCook

Eternal Darkness died when he was running and Eternal Darkness always wins in fights but he lost this fight it was his final fight he was defeted the first time and fell in the Shadow of Black Death  and Eternal Darkness died