Not to be confused with Caillou the Teeth Guy
Capture (6)

Evil Caillou as he appears in the intro of Evil Caillou Gets Grounded

Capture (1)

Evil Caillou getting grounded by Caillou

Evil Caillou is the main antagonist of the Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series by Caillou Fanatic Est 2004. He is also Caillou Fanatic Est 2004's most hated character. He gets grounded alot. 


Evil Caillou is a evil clone of Caillou who wears a black shirt, black shorts, and black shoes


He is 4 years old.


He is a rude and bossy evil version of Caillou who likes baby shows (except for Caillou). He dislikes getting grounded and piano music.

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