Faith Harlow is a series made by JessicaFin23.


Faith Harlow is 11 years old and the all-time record holder for detentions in school history. She's a self-described sixth-grade genius.


Faith Harlow

The series' main character. Faith is 11 years old, an aspiring cartoonist, guitarist, underachiever and prankster. She is somewhat self-absorbed, believing herself to be irresistible to men despite repeated rejection, a brilliant sports player despite her poor performance, and a genius despite her poor grades. She spends much of her time in detention or in the art-room drawing comics or playing her guitar. Voiced by Ivy.

Zoe Madison

Zoe is Faith's best friend. She is very intelligent but upsets her friends from time to time. Faith and Zoe frequently make fun of each other, but she states that this is how they operate. Contrary to Faith's feelings for them, Zoe is friendly with both Mr. Smith and Yuki. Voiced by Catherine.

Sally Hudson

Faith's second best friend, Sally is a comedic character willing to crack jokes and annoy Faith. Voiced by Salli.

Clarence Basco

Faith's classmate since first grade. He is her biggest crush, but however, he despises Faith (though Faith is absolutely oblivious, believing Clarence is hiding his true feelings). He has no feelings for Faith and barely considers her as a friend. He tends to go berserk when something embarrassing is done to him. Voiced by Joey.

Yuki Hasegawa

A very intelligent and well liked exchange student from Japan. She is in Faith's class, and is Clarence Basco's girlfriend. Clarence's liking for Yuki, among other things, gives her a one-sided rivalry with Faith. She is very innocent, gentle, kind, and (most of the time) unassuming. She regards Faith as her friend, and is generally unaware of Faith's dislike of her. While Faith somewhat views Yuki as a friend, she is quite jealous of Yuki's talent and better luck. Voiced by Misaki.

Larry Ni

One of Faith's schoolmates and rivals. Larry is GoAnimate Middle School's resident know-it-all and over-achiever, and often finds himself in academic competition with fellow overachiever Zoe. Faith and Larry tend to despise each other with a passion, viewing each other's personalities and work ethics as terrible, however Zoe and Sally believe that Faith and Larry have a love-hate relationship. Faith listed Larry as number 1 on her list of worst potential project partners. Voiced by Steven.

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