Fat Minky Momo's bad dream was a GoAnimate episode, starring Fat Minky Momo, Ako, Little Bill, and other characters.


Fat Minky Momo sneaks down to Chuck E. Cheese's while she is grounded. She plays the alien game, eats pizza, plays in the tubes, and finds a 3-stage with Munch Jr. in the Pizza Time Theater. She then watches the 3-stage in action. But at 9:00 PM, Chuck E. Cheese's becomes Mason E. Cheese's. She tries to run away, but Mason stinks up the place and causes Fat Minky Momo to suffocate and die. And then she wakes up from her nightmare.


  • Kayla as Fat Minky Momo
  • Tween Girl as Ako
  • Kidaroo as Little Bill
  • Shy Girl as Normal Minky Momo
  • Joey as Fat Timon
  • Amalia as Little Miss Naughty (cameo)
  • Young Boy as Johnny
  • Allison as Johnette


  • Ako is a 12-year old in this episode.
  • It's noted that Johnny and Johnette live by theresleves after their parents died while in Whocaresistan fighting the evil people.
  • Miss Naughty is heard saying only "PETA HATES GOANIMATE!" over and over in her cameo.

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