Fearnet Fanon is the active version of Fearnet. Fearnet Fanon was founded right after Fearnet shut down and defunct. Look at Fearnet Fanon/Gallery. There are different variations of the channel it self.

Fearnet Fanon


July, 30th 2014 ( right after Fearnet shut down and defunct )


TV Series

Notable Works

How Fearnet Defunct 2 Years Ago ( 2014-present )

Years Active


Former Programming

The Annalise Series


"Be calm. It is great." ( 2016-present )
"Fearnet Fanon woo woo this is my channel!" ( 2014-2015 )
"Fearnet Fanon is every fanmade possible!" ( 2015-2016 )


Fearnet Fanon v2
Fearnet Fanon Kids
Fearnet Fanon 4D
Fearnet Fanon Festivale
Fearnet Fanon Action
Fearnet Fanon High Quality

 Launch date

Fearnet Fanon launched at 7 pm right after Fearnet shut down and defunct. They first premiered their first TV show that is still active: How Fearnet Defunct 2 Years Ago at 9 pm that very night.



Programs that currently airs on Fearnet Fanon. How Fearnet Defunct 2 Years Ago is one example.

TV Show Name Start End Notes
How Fearnet Defunct 2 Years Ago July, 30th 2014 Ongoing Fearnet Fanon's 1st Programming
Fearnet Fanon News July, 30th 2014 Ongoing
Tales From The Cancer October, 29th 2015 Ongoing Then Fearnet Fanon moved to GoAnimateForSchools
Battle Of The Leaves November, 17th 2015 Ongoing First programming in ForSchools.
The Manuela Series March, 17th 2016 Ongoing
Revenge Revenge March, 19th 2016 Ongoing First program to use foul language but censored out.
The Land Before Time Fanon Series January, 5th 2016 Ongoing Banned episodes only. Bar Fight being an example.
The Roscoe Series March, 24th 2015 Ongoing After the original network ForFun Channel defunct due to bankruptcy, Fearnet Fanon agreed to air The Roscoe Series.

Series that isn't on Fearnet Fanon anymore.

TV Show Name Start End Notes
Phone Calls April, 30th 2015 February, 16th 2016 Now airs on TheTheoryReader Channel.
Rebel Rebel July, 30th 2014 April, 6th 2015 Part of the original 5 programs on Fearnet Fanon. Now airs on GoAnimate Network.
Good or Bad We don't know yet. Sometime around 2015 Now airs on JPCO.
The Zara Series January, 5th 2015 April, 30th 2015 Now airs on The LouieLouie95 Channel.
The Colour Bandits Series September 2015 January 2016 Now airs on TheTheoryReader Channel at 3:30 pm every day.
The Pecola Series February, 12th 2016 March, 1st 2016 Now airs on ChloeTheFangirl NDCP TV.

More info

Some of the TV Series stopped because of compliants.

Cost to get channel

The channel is only $1 when you first start making it cheapest.

Where to get the channel

The channel is a NBC Universal Fanon exclusive. It is regular TV so think twice and turn to channel 7 on your TV.


Channel Name Summary Founded Notes
Fearnet Fanon v2 This is the second version of Fearnet Fanon. Founded in July, 31st 2014, this channel airs mainly original series including How Fearnet Defunct 2 Years Ago. July, 31st 2014 The first variantion of Fearnet Fanon.
Fearnet Fanon Kids This is the kids channel for Fearnet Fanon. Founded August, 2nd 2014, this channel mainly children's movies and TV series. They even air How Fearnet Defunct 2 Years Ago. August, 2nd 2014 Kids channel
Fearnet Fanon 4D This is the 4D channel of Fearnet Fanon. Founded May, 3rd 2015, this channel airs 4D releases. May, 3rd 2015 4D channel
Fearnet Fanon Festivale Festivale channel. November, 30th 2015
Fearnet Fanon Action Airs action movies. January, 4th 2016
Fearnet Fanon High Quality It airs highest quality TV series and films. March, 19th 2016

Confusion with Fearnet

It is very often confused with Fearnet having same names but different statuses: Fearnet shut down and defunct but Fearnet Fanon is still around.

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