Dead Meat Episode This is a dead meat episode


Eric as Gavin Montgomery, Emmet Brickowski and Principal Wilt Michaels

Evil Genius as Caillou and Bot

Ivy as Sofia Montgomery, Fern, Nemo, Millie, Doc McStuffins and Foo (The Save-Ums)

Grace as Sunset Shimmer

Veena as Adagio Dazzle, Elena Marquez and Mrs. McCammon

Emma as Kubo and Coraline

Kayla as Dora and Noodle (The Save-Ums)

Young Guy as Vitruvius and Geo

Simon as Lord Business and Loki Laufeyson

Kidaroo as Bad Cop (Bad Cop side)

Brian as Bad Cop (Good Cop side)

Princess as Jazzi (The Save-Ums)

Jennifer as Custard (The Save-Ums)

Kendra as Ka-Chung (The Save-Ums)

Shy Girl as B.B. Jammies (The Save-Ums)


Emmet: Hi, I'm Emmet Brickowski, and today is Behavior Card Day. Let me show you the cards. If you get a Super Mario card, you will graduate forever. If you get a Caillou card, you will graduate for 50 years. If you get a Powerpuff Girls card, you will graduate for 9 years. If you get a Finding Dory card, you will graduate for six years. If you get an Angry Birds card, you will graduate for three years. If you get a Ghostbusters card, you will graduate for a year. If you get a Zootopia card, you will graduate for fifteen weeks. If you get a Disney's Frozen card, then you don't get a reward or a punishment. If you get Moana, you will only have a talk after school. If you get a Team Umizoomi card, then you will have detention forever. If you get a Charlotte's Web card, then you are halfway to becoming into dead meat. Watch out for the boring Doc McStuffins card! If you get a Doc McStuffins card, then you are in dead meat and expelled forever. Here are your cards.

Adagio Dazzle: Yes! Me and Caillou got a Super Mario card.

Caillou: Thank you so much, Emmet Brickowski! You are the best.

Emmet: That's right, Adagio Dazzle and Caillou! You have been the best students ever! And you are welcome. You two, go to the principal's office to make Gavin Montgomery proud!

Coraline: Yes, Me and Kubo got Caillou cards

Emmet: That's right, Coraline. You defeated the beldam. Go to the principal's office to make him proud. And as for you, Kubo. You were amazing everyone with your origami skills. Go to the headmaster's office.


In this video, Loki Laufeyson was seen in his LEGO counterpart.

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