Foxy bites off a frontal lobe/Grounded is an idea for a Goanimate! episode written by Curiousgorge55.


  • Young Guy as Freddy Fazbear
  • Princess as Chica (FNAF)
  • Paul as Igor the Mii
  • Joey as Bonnie The Bunny
  • Diesel as Foxy
  • Scary Voice as Golden Freddy
  • Young Guy as CartoonFreak666
  • David as Coulden Pettit
  • Kayla as Shauna
  • Ivy as Caillou
  • Eric as Curiousgorge55


Golden Freddy: Foxy! However you kill the night guard, do not bite off the frontal lobe! Remember what happened during the Bite of '87?

Foxy: Yes.

Golden Freddy: Okay. See you soon, children!

Freddy: Bye, dad!


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