Cast of Characters

  • Eric as Nathan Robinson
  • Charlie as Freddie Katzenberg
  • Zack as Carl Katzenberg
  • Diesel as George Katzenberg
  • Alice as Stacy Katzenberg

Fisher-Reynolds Memorial High School

Nathan: "Hey, Freddie, guess what? there's a new Family Guy season premiere episode on Fox Network, make sure you watch it this evening."

Freddie: "Okay, Nathan, I'll watch it this evening."

The Katzenberg family's house/the living room

Freddie: "I'm gonna watch Family Guy 'cause at school, Nathan told me that it's gonna be a new season premiere episode on Fox Network this evening."

Right after watching the new season premiere episode.........

Freddie: "Wow, I gotta admit, this evening's episode was super hilarious."

Carl (off screen): "Freddie, did I just hear you watch Family Guy?"

Freddie: "Uh oh, busted!"

Carl enters the living room.

Carl: "You better explain this to me, Freddie, were you watching Family Guy?"

Freddie: "No, Carl, of course not."

Carl: "Then I can see that Nathan told you all about it when you were coming back home from school."

Freddie: "Well, alright, fine, I did watch Family Guy."

Carl: "What the crap? how could you watch Family Guy? that does it, I'm calling Mom and Dad to come back home right now."

Freddie: "No, no, no, no, no, please, not that, anything but that, I'm terribly sorry!"

Carl: "Well too bad for you, Freddie, I'll just call Mom and Dad anyhow."

Right after Carl called his and Freddie's parents back home to their house........

George: "Freddie, how dare you watch Family Guy, you should really know you are too young to watch that show."

Freddie: "But, Mom and Dad, Nathan told me that it was a new season premiere episode."

Stacy: "We don't care, Freddie, you're not even 18, 19, 20 or older, you're grounded, grounded, grounded for another week."

Carl: "I gotta agree with Mom and Dad, Freddie, you're grounded for another week and that's final."

George: "And I got a little surprise for you, and I got it from the video department store and I got it on DVD."

Freddie: "Well? what is it?"

Stacy: "It's The Simpsons complete 29th season on DVD, you'll watch it for good."

Carl: "Now we're not gonna say go upstairs to your bedroom right now, Freddie, but I'll just say this, begin watching The Simpsons complete 29th season on DVD."

Stacy: "Now I'm gonna put this DVD disc right into the DVD player and you'll watch it, Freddie."

George: "We'll be right back, alright? watch the DVD."