Funnymouth's Profile picture

Funnymouth is one of Goanimate's most effective trolls. He himself and a few other trolls basically got the forums ruined. (You cannot go on forums without being a goplus) 

Troll's History

He first appeared on the forums in march 2013, he was first taken as a joke. But later in April, he made a thread in which he mocks the Sandy Hook shootings. (Of course it was a joke) It outraged users. He soon became one of GoAnimate's most successful trolls on the website. You ask anyone on the open forums if they know Funnymouth. They all do. (Funnymouth is based on a creepypasta)


In May, Funnymouth is shown with a Minecraft photo as his profile pic. He is soon dismissed as the real Funnymouth because later the "real" Funnymouth came and proved him wrong. Later in May 2013 Funnymouth left because of the admin "Dan the Handsome threatened him with the police. In August, though a troll by the name of the GoAHacker came. People thought this was Funnymouth, because of a post on the Go!tavern, later this funnymouth was proven to be false, because the real Funnymouth came stating that he had nothing to do with the GoA hacker and hadn't been on the site since May. He proved that he was real when showing everyone his Emails. Which the Go!tavern one couldn't. 

All these inposters do not have the same personality. 

Catch Phrase 

Funnymouth often said after his comments "yours truly Funnymouth" 

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