GNN (Go aNimate Network) was found in 1996. This channel is airing in Nikopark (Fictional country.).


One day Joyce Collins decided to make one channel for country, which will hold news, grounded shows and else. And he made "GNN" Go aNimate Network. It showed drama, news and grounded videos. But in friday's at the midnight they showed 18+. In 1997 they almost got in bankrupt, but one private television gave them all money to GNN, due to low popularity and channel was saved.



  • New channel
  • Every evening Comedy World shows (From 19:00 - 23:00)
  • Drama
  • Programmes for kids
  • and Nikopark Public news (not GNN news)


  • Almost the same as 1997-98


  • New series "Stickety sticks" based on Stick figures
  • 18+ got cancelled, instead of that they showed Romantic films


20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00
Monday Stickety sticks Comedy world Drama Drama
Tuesday Detective CSI Go Animate CSI Go Animate Drama
Wednesday Dora gets Grounded Stickety sticks Drama Drama
Thursday Comedy world Grounded The Simpsons Drama
Friday Grounded Grounded Grounded Romantic
Saturday Comedy world Comedy world The Collins family Ungrounded
Sunday Movies Movies Movies Ungrounded


Same as 1999-2000


  • Instead of CSI Go Animate, they showed The Collins Famiy, but when was time for The Collins family, they showed Detective murders instead.

2002-03 till 2013-14

Same as before.


  • GNN news
  • New Detective series
  • Go Animate Funniest Home Videos
  • Who wants to be millionare
  • Theatre / opera plays
  • Romantic / Drama
  • Movies






2016 - Present


Special logos

5 year birthday (2001)


10 year birthday (2006)


20 years (2016)


GNN news

GoAnimate Network News (GNN) started airing in 6th of November 2014. It started with basic stuff, and later with bigger and bigger experience. It's motto is, "Be the first to know!"


In late 2013, Collins sisters (Kate, Kalya) and Zack and Proffessor, started in Enemies detective series and it stopped making on early 2014, in November they were back, and called it GNN news. They had brand - new studio, so it was big. After 2 weeks they stopped airing GNN news, and let it stay untill April 2015, They returned 5th of April 2015, but in 7th of April, GNN news had 6 month birthday, and again new studio, inluding two studios, one for GNN news, second for DeFacto.


In April 2015, GNN news corporation bought DeFacto, weekly news, from Joey Kox studios.

Workers (November 7th - November 21th)

Axela Mig,

Jack Proffessor,

Kalya Collins,

Kate Collins,

Lawrence Cracker,

Zack Peterson

GNN news corporation logo


The link to news,


The old GNN news channel requires also MN news, but that's not mde by GNN.

August 22th

GNN news corporation started Season 2, an returned. With:

New look;

Some new workers;

And new GNN news

[2] Add a photo to this galleryGNN News returned in 2016, new studio, new music:

As of October 2016 GNN discontinued Morning news and Night news. De Facto is discontinued too.

From 3rd October news times:

7:00 - 900 seconds

14:00 - Afternoon news

18:00 - News at 6

20:00 - Evening news

23:55 - Friday night news (From Friday to Saturday)


900 seconds


Afternoon news

News at six


Evening news


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