Ghastly is a 10-year old boy, & turned 11 in Season 2. He is shown to be a poor cook, as shown imn Season 1. He makes everything overcooked. He is shown to be slightly dimwitted. He actually is a little nice. He comforted Ghouly & Ghastly's Fan Club. As shown in the pilot, he actually is the smart one & Ghouly is the stupid one. He actually pulls 2 pranks on his brother, Ghouly. He is the second protagonist of the series.


Ghouly is 10 for the first season, but turned 11 in the middle of the second season.


Ghastly is scheming along with Ghouly, but is more sweet natured & more patient. He is revealed to turn into a famous singer after being hit in the nose by Ghouly in the first season.

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