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Coulden Pettit with Gluon gun

Coulden Pettit with his Gluon Gun.

The Gluon Gun or the Quantum Destabilizer is an experimental weapon which fires a glowing beam of energy capable of vaporizing almost anything. It is an extremely powerful weapon used by Gordon Freeman to ward off Xen forces, and famously by Coulden.

It can deal extremely high damage to very strong enemies (such as kaiju-sized Kaibuos,Assault Tanks,planes,mechs,nuke,heavy tanks,Taken) and will do an insta-kill on weaker enemies (such as Skeletons, Imps,The Element Humanoids, Pinkies,Lost Souls,Nuckelavee,super mutants,FEV Mutants,Cabal,fallen and Taken). However, this does little to stop Shadow of Red, rendering it useless against the Hell Beast.


Model Name: GL-20 Quantum Destabilizer

Type: Experimental weapon

Damage: Extreme to Insta-kill

Magazine Size: 100 (for humans), 250 (for Frankensteins)

Maximum Ammo: 100 (for humans), 250 (for Frankensteins)

Fire Mode: Continuous beam

Ammo Type: Depleted Uranium-235

Attachments: Laser Sight,FMJ,Grip,Heartbeat Sensor

Rate of fire: 300 to 600 RPM (for humans), 45 to 100 RPM (for Frankensteins)

Accuracy: Excellent (for humans), Divine (for Frankensteins)

Range: Long (for humans), Extreme (for Frankensteins)

Primary users: Gordon Freeman, Coulden Pettit

Secondary users: US Army, Blackwatch, Arachnotrons,The Anti GoAnimate Police,The United Task Force 322 a.k.a Anti-Humanoid and Federation Force,Taken,D.A.S,Etc


  • Frankenstein-sized gluon guns have enlarged magazine sizes, slower rates of fire, much higher accuracies and far longer ranges than human-sized gluon guns.
  • They bear a strong resemblance to the Proton Packs from the movie Ghostbusters.
  • Warren and his fans are afraid of the Gluon Gun because they think they'll vaporize them.

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