Go! Block is a premium account that you create at high schools, middle schools & elementary schools.


  • Get free GoBucks to go with your account
  • Upload voices to your goanimate account
  • Add your own faces
  • Make unlimited scenes for your movies
  • Unlock more actions for some characters
  • Unlimited text-to-speech convertings and unlock more voices
  • Upload your own pictures, backgrounds, and even videos
  • Mix every theme
  • Broadcast to all fans in one click
  • Send messages to more than one member
  • See no advertisements
  • Get a plus label next to your profile picture
Comparison Table
Basic Account Go! Block
Movie Length 2 minutes Unlimited
GoBucks Up To 15,000(Buy) Up To 15,000 (Free)
Export Movie To YouTube No Yes (Free)
Text-To-Speech Convertings Up to 200 per month (with all the voices) Up to 800 per month (with all the voices)
Background Upload No Yes
Prop Upload No Yes
Video Upload No Yes
Messages You To Many You To Many
Advertisements Yes No
Theme Mixing None Unlimited
Broadcast To All Fans None Yes (In One Click)
Plus Label No


Memberships And Their Prices

Membership Price
1 Month (Trial)* Free
3 Months $18.00
6 Months $34.00
1 Year (Special Offer) $58.00
2 Years (Even More Special Offer) $108.00
  • After you order a 1-Month Trial, the other memberships will be available for purchase


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