GoAnimapolis is the capital of Central GoAnima.


The town was created in 1924 by William Jack Dave as a town where people live in peace. In 1929, the town's name was confirmed as GoAnimateApolis by William Jack Dave Jr. But the name was too long for most newspapers due to the limitations at the time, so in 1934, the town's name is GoAnimapolis, the name was chosen by Willam Jack Dave Jr. In 1942, the capital building was lowered due to height limitations, and the apartment was torn down and replaced with 2 houses. In 1981, the Quadruple Towers were announced after the success of the twin towers in New York, NY, USA, Earth. Due to the need for space, the capital building was moved down south from Main St. to Secondary St. Main St. was partially demolished as well as the 1979 houses and the office buildings left of the capital, making it the shortest lived houses in Central GoAnima, Main St. was divided to West Main St. and East Main St. The Northwest Building is currently the center of town, but before it, it was the Main & Central St. Interjection. Central St. was also divided into two streets, North and South Central St. The first building to be constructed was the Southeast Building, because there was nothing in the way, on April 11, 1982, all the stuff was dismantled or relocated by June 12, 1982. After 9/11, The Quadriple Towers gained walls around it and SkyPaths connecting the buildings in case of a terrorist attack.


The same angle of the photos below but taken in July 1997

GoAnimapolis 1944

Another footage from the town, this time in 1944

GoAnimapolis 1926

The Town in 1927, a time traveler got up on the building



  • GoAirport


  • Quadruple Towers