GoAnimate's True Story

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December 2013

Gross revenue


GoAnimate's True Story is an 2013 animated-comedy-drama short that is based on a true story by Eric Smith,the boy that messes around and gets grounded all the time


Eric Smith is an unusual boy who gets grounded everytime and he risks his life not to get grounded but then he decided to go to Burger King and eat a burger but when his dad comes he's grounded forever for going to Burger King. Then they show Cayby J gets grounded for going to Chuck E Cheese and listening to Kalimba by Mr Scruff. Then his dad comes and ground him then he throws GoAnimate The Movie in the toilet or poop and lived happily ever after.


The short gained 2 views on GoAnimate

Eric Smith is played by Eric

The dad's name is Rachel Gorney


The short is a promoting movie to Jimmy Gets Trouble

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