GoAnimate City (also known as GoCity) is a fictional city in the GoPlanet. The population is about 500 trillion.
SimCity 2014-03-19 18-37-14

GoAnimate City in 1954.


The city first started in 500000 BC , by the name of "Aran Gomindaur".

Then, in 1918, after World War I, a man named Gen. Nick Mann was elected mayor of the city, and renamed it GoAnimate City. Later, in 1939, World War II started. In 1989, The GoAnimate City Earthquake killed 24 people and injured 4248 more. 32 more people were missing. In 2011, The Cold War invaded GoAnimate City. In 2012, GoAnimate City Lost all of their power for 2 days.

Their military is the GoAnimate Navy,GoAnimate Army and the Task Force 322 a.k.a Anti-Humanoid and Federation Force

Their official bands are Frank Zappa, Kraftwerk and The Wiggles

They have a NHL teams called the fort pbs splits and in greenwood, called the Go!City Hooiser 

Splits are in the metropolitan division while the Hooiser are in the NL  

They have the same affiliates as Indianapolis but has a CBC affiliate is WFDY and a Rede Globe Affiliate called WRDG  

Literary comment

GoAnimate City is located where in real life Eureka,CA would be. Or even Johnson County, IN except greenwood

GoFirst Airport

In 1916, the construction of the Airport began. The airplanes travel to Robrand City (as known Robloxian City) and MineParks (as known Minecraft City). They called their own airlines GoFirst Air. After 1957, GoFirst Airport closed at February 3rd, 1957. GoFirst Air is now defunct since 1972. In 1986, The RoAir Flight 332 Lockheed L-1011 crashes on a runway. 43 passengers were killed, while 185 passengers survived. 


Domesitic Passagers

International Passager
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 11,700,600 9,502,103
RoAir 8,294,333 6,210,594
JetEire 7,305,094 6,003,015
Singapore Airlines 6,091,190 4,901,051


2,594,895 194,053

GoCity Airlines



Federation Airlines 537,021,321                                                       6,234,532,544,402

Non-english versions

LW97, one of GoAnimate's best known non-American users, has made his own version of GoAnimate in his German videos. While his English videos are playing on "normal" American places, the German version is playing in the German cities Heidelberg, Mainz, Mannheim, Wiesbaden and Würzburg.

Other Versions


In CocaColaComedian1999's videos, GoAnimate City resembles New York City, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto, Vancouver, Stockholm, Oslo, Tokyo, Barcelona, Madrid, Sydney, and Melbourne. It's population is currently 60 million.

  • To the north lies a big farmland (based on the area north of the Indianapolis area)
  • To the south lies
  • To the east lies a range of mountains (based on the Casades of the Pacific Northwest or the Rockies in Colorado)
  • To the west lies a body of water with beautiful beaches
  • The northwest side is based on Hollywood
  • The northeast side has a large lake
  • A river passes through the east and southeast sides to connect the ocean and the lake
  • The southwest side is known as the "GoAniPort"


This city is also available in Age of Empires and Empire earth and civilization.

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