The GoAnimate Cringe Compilation (also known as GoAnimate Shuffle, GoAnimate Randomness, GoAnimate Classic/Modern Video Theatre and GoAnimate's Collection of Grounded Video And Others) is a series of primarily old and new, virtually skilled and comedic Grounded Videos (i.e. Baby Show, Villains), Rant Videos, Dead Meat videos, and other videos or videos that are rare, deemed as hard-to-find and removed thoroughly from Youtube (especially due to being offensive to the users of innocence). Each cringe compilation contains some videos that belonged to users who are popular, active, suspended or terminated but contains some coarse language, violence, and other prohibited content, people had stated that it should not been viewed by anyone, primarily young children who often dislike the content that they see. The cringe compilation sometimes has videos about "a grounded video within a grounded video" such as Caillou who makes a grounded video out of Rosie.

As a result of the expiration of GoAnimate's contract with the non-business themes (mainly Comedy World and Lil' Peepz), a new user can take control of the old, new, funny, popular and multi-genre videos made by a variety of different users on Youtube and GoAnimate (through Bandicam). The Cringe Compilation is used to commemorate the 5th anniversary of GoAnimate's acclaimed grounded videos

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