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How can you explain this?

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GoAnimate Overload is a show similar to that of object shows, but rather done in GoAnimate. First premiering on May 20, 2015 by Jimmy Turner, it ran for 10 episodes before GoAnimate for Schools made the transfer to HTML5, with its finale ("The End is Near") airing on July 25, 2016. On July 4, 2016, Jimmy Turner uploaded a video stating that a GoAnimate Overload "Reboot" will be in the works, but it will include an all new cast of Business Friendly characters; with the many actions of Business Friendly, Jimmy says quote on quote "gives me more innovation to the reboot".


The series involved 28 contestants from a variety of GoAnimate themes, ranging from Lil' Petz World to the popular Comedy World, where the viewers would vote who would get eliminated from a team that lost a challenge. The host is Jimmy Turner's self, with the prize being a ticket to Hawaii. Eliminations are similar to that of Battle for Dream Island.


Contestants labeled technically eliminated were transported to a different dimension in the final episode.

Participant Voice Actor Former Status Placing Team OO character
Jill Amy Technically eliminated 9/8/7/6th Fantastic Facebook Masky
Julia Callie Technically eliminated 9/8/7/6th Terrific Twitter Disk
Chase Paul Technically eliminated 13th Fantastic Facebook Tissue
Cassidy Elizabeth Technically eliminated 9/8/7/6th Terrific Twitter Ping Pong Ball
Jessie Jennifer Unknown 2/3rd Fantastic Facebook Cherry (female)
Jessica Kendra Eliminated 23rd Fantastic Facebook Cherry (male)
Jennie Shy Girl Technically eliminated 14/15th Terrific Twitter Pearly
Bruce Kidaroo Technically eliminated Terrific Twitter Marble
Jordan Kimberly Technically eliminated 9/8/7/6th Fantastic Facebook Boombox
Isaac Dallas Eliminated 22nd Terrific Twitter Snowglobe
Tim David/Evil Genius/Zack Technically eliminated 10th Fantastic Facebook Globe
Leon Dave Eliminated 25th Terrific Twitter Soccer Ball
Kaitlyn Kayla Technically eliminated 19th Fantastic Facebook Toothy
Alice Catherine Technically eliminated 16th Terrific Twitter Popcorn
Mark Simon Technically eliminated 20th Fantastic Facebook Coney


Grace None Technically eliminated 4th Terrific Twitter Picture
Samuel Young Guy Technically eliminated 21st Fantastic Facebook Paper Airplane
Brandon Brian Technically eliminated 18th Terrific Twitter Kite
Maria Allison Technically eliminated 2/3rd Fantastic Facebook Casey
George Duncan Technically eliminated 12th Terrific Twitter Top Hat
Laura Julie Technically eliminated 10th Fantastic Facebook Melony
Ricky Joey Technically eliminated 5th Terrific Twitter Clock
Melissa Ivy Eliminated / 1st Place 26th / 1st Fantastic Facebook Candy
Christine Emma Technically eliminated 17th Terrific Twitter Toaster
Kevin Eric Eliminated 24th Fantastic Facebook Dusty
Steven Lawrence Technically eliminated 11th Terrific Twitter Boxing Glove
Lucy Bridget Eliminated 27th Fantastic Facebook Crayon
Tony Alan Eliminated 28th Terrific Twitter Lighter

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