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|Row 4 title = Series: |Row 4 info = The Mouthless Girl
The Awful Life of Caillou
Thomas and Friends get grounded
Super Mario Bloopers
Dora gets grounded |Row 5 title = Films: |Row 5 info = Go!Animate: The Movie |Row 6 title = Games: |Row 6 info = GoAnimate Land }}

GoAnimate Productions is a private company hosted by KassiasGrandiel.


ElHeroes (PG/PG-13)

Glacia (PG/PG-13)

Necklace: Ania's Mission (PG-13)

Necklace: The Lunar Temple (PG-13)

Necklace: The Return of Harmony (PG-13)

BattleGround (PG)

Meloetta (PG)

David Egbert vs GrandChase (PG-13)

Five Nights at Chuck E Cheese's (R)

Space Odyssey (PG)

Vixx (PG-13)

Tales from KassiasGrandiel (PG)

Terraria the Movie (PG-13)

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (PG)

Pilgrim's Progress (PG)

Splatoon (PG)

TV shows

Ania's Kingdom (Y7)

ElHeroes (tv show) (Y7)

Shantae (Y7)

Officer Wagon (Y7)

Squid Sisters (G)

Chase (Y7)

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