GoAnimate Racing is a game that is like Diddy Kong Racing

Playable Characters

  • Eric Gavin
  • Hitler
  • Terence (Unlockable when turning him to normal when ran over)
  • Aaron
  • Dylan McCarthy
  • Natalie
  • Slippy V (Unlockable for beating him on each tracks)
  • David
  • Paul
  • Stephanie Gavin


There are 6 bosses in this game to beat. After Being Beaten Second Time They Award The Barney Amulet to the Player.

Here are the list of bosses

  • Dora (Jungle Domain)
  • Diesel Dawson (Snowflake Peaks)
  • Caillou (Shimmering Island)
  • Sister Jigglypuff (Forest Village)
  • Mr. Keebler (The Main Antagonist of the game)


Here are the list of tracks

Jungle Domain

  • Ancient River
  • Grand Canyon
  • River Falls
  • Hot Hot Volcano

Snowflake Peaks

  • Christmas Land
  • Snowman Village
  • Elf Village
  • Snowflake Valley

Shimmering Island

  • GoAnimate Lagoon
  • Go! Bay
  • Island Alley
  • Treasure Cove

Forest Village

  • Haunted Forest
  • Go! Village
  • Farm Plains
  • Island Canyon

Keebler Planet

  • Keebler Alley
  • Keebler City
  • Keebler's Spaceport
  • Keebler Caverns

Battle Tracks

There are Battle Tracks in this game, after they beat it they award the Slippy V Amulet to the Player.

  • Jungle Caves (Jungle Domain)
  • Christmas Tree Village (Snowflake Peaks)
  • Salty Island (Shimmering Island)
  • Forest Country (Forest Village)

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is a Mode that Bearded Matt Wants The Player To Complete

Adventure 2 Mode

Adventure 2 Mode is the hardest Mode That is The same as the First one.

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