GoAnimate Super Channel
GoAnimate Super Channel


June 10, 1997

Owned by

GoAnimate Media

Picture format

16:9 480i (SDTV) 16:9 1080 (HDTV)




Republic of Guy

Formerly called

GoSuper (1997-2002)
The Super Channel (2002-2013)

Sister channel(s)

The X

GoAnimate Network

GoAnimate Kids Channel

GoAnimate Movie Channel

GoAnimate News Channel

GoAnimate Super Channel is a comedy television network airing remaked spin-offs of the grounded videos previously shown on GoAnimate Network (return in 2014). The channel was launched in June 10, 2013, for just 16 months of the life of GoAnimate Network.

Current shows

Grounded shows aired on GoAnimate Network moved to this channel because of a strike by the government of the Republic of Guy and it's TV control and program/show rating organization. It is unknown wil

l they be back on GoAnimate Network.

  • Hacker Gets Grounded
  • Star Trek
  • James Bond
  • Family Man
  • Scared Heroes Series
  • The Eric Show
  • The escape of the rabbit
  • Bubby bond
  • Eric Gets Grounded
  • Go!Animate: The Movie (2006)
  • That 70s Show

Former shows

These shows were moved to GoAnimate2 and were cropped to 16:9 format on the channel they moved on as of 2013.

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