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"The grounding must end."
— Tagline
Go!Animate The Movie 2: Eric Out Of The City
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GoAnimate Studio-made "movie" information

Directed by

Brian Sharp

Produced by

Eric Nagler
(executive producer)
Brian Sharp
Seth MacFarlane

Written by

Victor Tartavosky
Audel LaRoque
C. Elbourn

Based on

Go!Animate The Movie

Music by

Danniel Hofflered


Columbia Pictures
GoAnimate Animation
C.E. Animation Studios

Distributed by

20th Century Fox
(United States)
Sony Pictures Releasing

Release Date(s)

February 2019

Running time





$72 million

Gross Revenue


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Go!Animate The Movie 2: Eric Out Of The City (formerly known as Mr. Keebler's Revenge or and simply referred to Go!Animate 2 and Go!Animate The Movie 2) is an upcoming American animated science-fiction/action comedy movie and the former sequel to the 2006 film Go!Animate The Movie that was planned to be released in Summer 2015 by 20th Century Fox in the United States and Sony Pictures Releasing internationally. According to the screenplay, it was originally titled Go!Animate 2: Mr. Keebler's Revenge, but was retitled Go!Animate The Movie 2 (or just Go!Animate 2 for short). The film was cancelled in 2016 due to HTML5 phasing out the Non-Business Themes on Go!Animate. On July 27th, 2018, it was announced that GoAnimate The Movie 2 will be back in production with an February 2019 release date. However, GoAnimate: Call of Duty is still unknown if it's also back in production. The video of the reveal can be found here.


Boris is here for revenge, who is now known as Boris Anderson. He's in search of the final object of a powerful Legend Sword. The awesome powerful Legend Sword makes any evil plan he controls with it that magically comes true, which happens to be the 'Adventure Time' toy (which PC Guy purchased from Walmart in the first film). When the entire city of New York City is put into danger, Eric and his friends (PC Guy, Victor, Jack, and Cayby) need to go on a incredible quest that takes them to Los Angeles inside the alternate live-action universe. In order to get back the toy and save their city in the 'Go!Animate' universe, the gang must retrieve the Legend Sword and transform themselves into a superhero league called 'The GoAnimate Masters'.


  • Eric as Himself and Eric 1
  • Brian as Himself, PC Guy, Rentro and News Reporter #1
  • Caleb Elbourn as Himself, Kevin, Santed Stickguy and Takashi
  • Joey as Victor and Tom, Benson (Regular Show)
  • Neil Crone as Mr. Keebler
  • Kate as Jennifer
  • David as Jack (Jackashay) and Stickguy #1
  • Zack as Aaron Jefferson, Cashier and Stickcop #1
  • Simon as News Reporter #2
  • Paul as Gary Johnson
  • Dallas as The Bodyguard, Policeman and Shopkeeper
  • Salli as Herself and Protester Girl
  • Dave as Simon
  • Lawrence as Stickcop and Sydney Cub
  • Charlie (Young Guy) as Matt, Eddy, Eric 2 and Stickcop #2
  • Kimberly as Herself and Weather Reporter
  • Diesel as Himself and Eric's tired voice
  • Stephen as Steven
  • Jeff Bennett as British Stickguy

Additional Cast

Broadcasting around the world

EuroTV is broadcast on Israel. The series doesn't air on Call On TV.


Cancelled Sequel

At the same time this movie was announced, another user named The FunEditor4 announced a possible, but unofficial, threequel to the 2013 film titled "GoAnimate: Call Of Duty". Originally, it was going to be a war movie. However, with no script to work on and due to the low amunt of interest The FunEditor4 had with the Call Of Duty franchise, the film was immediately put on indefinite hiatus. It was later canceled due to the cancellation GoAnimate The Movie 2.

Rarity/Home Video

GoAnimate the Movie 2 came out as a home video exclusive bonus in the holiday season of 2017 to limited GoAnimate The Movie discs, but, there is only 500 in circulation, and people scalping it as much as possible, it is now worth a hundred thousand dollars, and one of the owners, BrianTheAlthorpGuy, will upload it to YouTube in 4K. Before that, Maddox121 tried to upload it to YouTube on his alt, but it wasn't verified, so he only had to put in 14 minutes of footage, which mostly consist of plot and action scenes. He had to cut out the logos, the traveling scene, and the credits, he later uploaded it to his main account, but it got copy righted, so he decided to upload it to Vimeo, but it had a 60 minute limit. Since Brian has licenses to all GoAnimate movies on YouTube, he will upload it. He said he will upload it on June 20, 2019, the same day Toy Story 4 was released, and he even made a fan made trailer for it.


On July 27th, 2018, it was announced that GoAnimate The Movie 2 will be back in production with an February 2019 release date. However, GoAnimate: Call of Duty is still unknown if it's also back in production. Many GoAnimate fans are so happy that there will be a return of the sequel. The video of the reveal can be found here on YouTube.


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