The GoRating system is the rating system for GoAnimatians for broadcasting purposes.

Regular Ratings

A - General Audiences

Suitable for all ages and does not contain any material considered suggestive with only a few bleeps and comic mischeif. Reccomended for ages 4 and up. Airs 24/7.

B - Suggestive Material

May contain mild violence, crude humor, bathroom humor, and mild language. Reccomended for ages 7 and up. Airs 24/7.

C - Extremely Suggestive Material

May contain censored or off-screen innapropriate material, along with some violence, crudeness, and language. Recomended for ages 7 and up with parental guidance. Airs 24/7.

D - Some Explicit Content

May contain a few swares, animated blood, and illegal content. Reccomended for ages 13 and up. Airs 24/7.

E - Explicit Content

Contains verbal gore, illegal content, frequent use of innapropriate language, sexual content, and more. Reccomended for ages 17 and up. Airs during schooldays and 8:00 PM-8:00 AM on weekends.

X - Extreme Sexual Content

Contains extreme sexual content and sexual language. Recomended for ages 18 and up and requires credification and PPV access before watching. Airs only on schooldays and 10:00 PM-6:00 AM on weekends.

Special Ratings

Special Ratings are ratings for programming that are considered exempt.

S - Sports

Contains athletic content. Parental guidance suggested. Airs 24/7.

S2 - Extreme Sports

Violent sports including boxing and wrestling (with the exception of WWE). Recommended for ages 12 and up. Airs only 10:00 PM-6:00 AM.

N - News

Contains violent content. Parental guidance suggested. Airs 24/7.

Other Shows

ULTRA Hardcore~! on channel 999 PlayGuy was a pornography show considered so offensive it was taken off air 5 minutes after it had reached TV. It switched over to the show Oh Yeah Gurl and said to be it was taken down because of technical difficulties. (SSSSURRREE!!!)


  • Recently, there was a controversy of WWE only airing on night since some of it's audience is kids, this was recently changed so WWE still has the S2 rating, but can air all day

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