Google Chrome v2003 is the very first version of Chrome which was released on June 2003, the latest version of this was released on November 10, 2003. In this version of Google Chrome, the design looked pretty similar to Mozilla Firefox 1.0. It had a lack of tabbed browsing until 2006 when there was a version with tabbed browsing. In 2004, they started making betas for Chrome 1.0. Also, the HTTP rendering was a little slow. The browser is still built for speed but it is very outdated and will most likely crash on many websites like IE6 used to.

Chrome 2003 ran the following operating systems: Windows Drumsticks Edition, Almond Edition, Summery Delight Edition, Coffee Bean Edition, Silver Edition, Island Edition, Artisan Blends Edition, Love and Care Editon, Clippy Edition, Refreshed Edition, Sunset Edition, Pink Edition, Of Jacks, Artifical Edition, Rainforest Edition, Subway Diner Edition, Ancient Edition, DJ Edition, and Spaceout Edition