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Grounded videos are the most famous type of videos on GoAnimate since 2011. They are about a person who does something bad such as getting expelled, making a fake lockdown, getting a detention, calling the baby stupid, misbehaving, etc. and get grounded by his/her parents. Some people exported these videos from GoAnimate to YouTube and some people record the grounded video with Bandicam on Go!Animate4schools and post it to YouTube

Grounded videos are some sort of important videos that need watched on GoAnimate and YouTube.

Notable grounded videos makers:

GOJIRA94, Memy9909, DrewAndMario, TylerTristar2isback, TheSuperBaxter, Mrbobtomato, Carsonsfanclub, TheSceptileRocker, Memygetsgrounded, Thomascondon02, Guyisbackable (formerly) (best known for camera movement: panning and cutting), DietColaInc, DavidComedian1991, TA591IAD1, VideoGamerLegit (now Iamvideogamerlegit99 and known as Cokeewert300 on GoAnimate), ChocolateMilkshake808, BrandonTheMovieGuy, Robbie Animation (Only on GoAnimate and Dailymotion; not on YouTube) RobertCoatsAnimation, Kristin Konkle, joshnew1000 (known as EpicRandomness on GoAnimate), TacoComedian (known as Tanya1991Maniac on GoAnimate), MicAnimateEight (currently Simonsanimations), DComedian13, JoeyComedian240 (formerly) (Known as JoeyComedianVEVO on GoAnimate), Double Bonus (Also known as "Nemo333m"), Troubled Go (Also known as "MrSportVevo"), SeaDisney1998sucksCrap (Also known as "s1mpieGAMES"), TrigonometryComedian, Trigonometry Lord, TheGrounded, Coulden Pettit (best known for using sound effects and music from Half-Life, Doom, etc.), Optimus500050 (his grounded videos on YouTube are mostly dead meat videos), Alex Kimble, louielouie95 (aka Louie), Landon Dibbles (now known as Thegoodbrand2000), Slippy V (one of the very popular Warren haters), Matt Crowley (alternatively angrywalkthroughs, best known for his overuse of the phrase grounded for life), SomeOrdinaryGamers (not technically a GoAnimator, best knows to read Creepypastas via requests from viewers or fellow subscribers), Guyisbackable (the leader that makes widescreen animations with camera movement, now retired from Grounded videos as of February 2, 2014), GoAnimateFan188(Only on GoAnimate), mariosonic1339 (also known as LucasTheBrony or HappyTreeFrlendsFan)  (started on January 2012, now retired on July 2012, however he liked one of them after he did (it was the sequel to the video where adamp5104 grounded Lucas for killing the Wiggles),Dylan Johnson (also known as MYesENo, likes making grounded videos),And Louis Sylvester Animations Clock (He Made Grounded Video Start At 6 Septmeber 2013).

Troublemakers: Brian, Zack, Kayla (not in CubsRule2040's series), Eric (not in tommy62702's series), Erika, Kevin, Aaron, Andy Panda, Bill, Diesel, Thomas, Jack, Becky (Shining Time Station), Kara Cupper, Katie, Schemer, Freddie, Kate, Kai, Harold, Diesel Clark, Paul Johnson, Joyce, Jane, Jerry, Max (formely), Daniel Wyatt, Peter and Josh (randomly), Memy9909, Keith, Derek, Lisa, Kumi, Warren Cook, Justin Robinson, Thomas fargo, Darren, Daniel, David, Kate, Francis, Mark (WarrenClosedHisYouTubeAccount kind), Alicia, Janet Jopkins, Karen (WarrenClosedHisYouTubeAccount type), Paul and Kalya Cooler, Brian (from tylersgoanimatevault's series) Ashlynn, Douglas, William, Autumn and other characters who are part of the troublemakers.

New Troublemakers: Gage, Starscream, Zara (in Louie's series), Annabelle, Dora, Caillou, Bobbyispoopy, Emma, Penny, Mitch, Cale, Bruce, Chris, Raphael (in TacoComedian's series), Steven (in CubsRule2040's series), Philliard, Wes, Plytron, CloneDVD, AnyDVD, etc.

Newbies of grounding videos: Tommy62702, CartoonFreak666.

Common Grounding Videos Types: Gets Grounded, Gets Held Back, Misbehaves in (Store), Poops on Teacher, Watches (Movie) While Grounded, Throws a Mental Breakdown, Babysits, Goes to (Place), Gets Fat at (Restaurant), Gets Blamed on the Bus, Throws a Tantrum, Gets Suspended, Gets Expelled, Runs away, Gets Arrested, Gets in Dead Meat, Gets Sent to Bed Early, Watches (TV Show),  Kills/Beats Up Barney, Kills Teachers, Kills Teletubbies, Kills Rugrats, Beats Up/Brutally Murders/Kills Abusive people, Curses At Teacher,  Flips Over The Table, Make A Youtube Account, Gets (Favorite Movie/TV Show on DVD) While Grounded, Beats Up/Kills (Baby Show Characters), Gets (Show/Movie) on (VHS/DVD) While Grounded]], Calls The Baby Stupid, Calling the teacher by his/her 1st name, makes a fake lockdown, gets grounded on (Holiday) flips the teacher off, receives copyright strikes from (GOOD USER), Dances In His/Her Underwear, Starts World War 3, Gets Bad Luck, etc.

Note:Grounded Videos are AWESOME

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