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Grounded Videos
Suzie Eats Thomas' Birthday Cake And Gets Grounded-1
This is an example of an Grounded Video

Known For:

Grounding Children and Troublemakers. Punishing Children and Troublemakers. Using Comedy World and the other un-business themes for making Grounded Videos,child abuse.

Existed in


Grounded Videos are videos created by users oon GoAnimate and are well known on Youtube since 2011 until July 26th, 2016, when HTML5 removed old themes on GA4S. The series was created by adamkleinschmidt2003 The plot of the video is having a certain character perform a bad deed which gets him/her grounded by their own parents. Most of these videos are directed towards another GoAnimate user that the creator of the video dislikes. Most people may not know why these videos are popular but they seems to appeal mostly towards young audiences such as toddlers, children, and sometimes young teenagers. Almost all grounded videos have the same formula, despite having different characters. For some weird reason, nobody wants to make any new types of grounded videos. James The Animator has tried this multiple times, but nobody liked them. LW97 and nakamario27 were trying the same. adamkleinschmidt2003 made a video about Dora the Explorer beating up a classmate Gina for his 5th anniversary and reaches a world record in the 2011-16 grounded video era, making him the oldest-surviving user to date.

Grounded videos are usually really s**t,child abuse, but some of them can be really (un)creative too.

Notable Grounded Videos Makers

  • GoAnimator101 (Julian3535) [ACTIVE]

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