Coulden rage

Coulden Pettit after hearing the profane phrase.

The term grounded for life is somewhat an uncommon phrase commonly used by Diesel fathers and Kimberly mothers. Every time when either a father or a mother says to his or her son/daughter that he or she is grounded for life, Coulden will make a roaring sound (as well as roaring out a roar from Godzilla) to indicate his feeling of anger, or he or she gets sent in Jazzi, Foo, Custard, Noodle, or Ka-Chung to beat him or her up. Due to his morbid hatred on that demonic phrase. Angrywalkthroughs, RobertCoatesAnimation and even TacoComedian commonly use this demonic term. Ihatewarren37 uses the term "You are grounded for an infinite time!", a possible variant. Another variant was Coulden's "You are grounded for all time!".

Users of this term

  • angrywalkthroughs (uses this term the most)
  • TacoComedian (also uses this term the most)
  • caroline0204 (sometimes)
  • RobertCoatesAnimation
  • Momo YouMookSaidTimon (rarely uses this term)
  • louielouie95 (sometimes)
  • DavidtheAnimationGuy (mostly)
  • Slippy V (sometimes)
  • Almost everybody
  • Charlie Kowalski (rarely)
  • Ecolercomedian99
  • Landon Dibbles (rarely)
  • S1MPIEC0MPUTERS (From video requests)
  • Ihatewarren37 (sometimes, mostly uses variant)
  • Tommy62702, (a lot of times)
  • BondFan94 (mostly)
  • ORIOSELECTRONICS135 (either mostly or all the time)
  • Curiousgorge55 (in Macusoper grounded videos/concepts)
  • Mostly new GoAnimators

Users who don't use this term


  • Coulden, Blue Mario and TrigonometryComedian are the only users who don't use this term.
  • This term and "grounded forever" can be used interchangeably, depending on what the user types in the dialogue.

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