Top: Guytter logo

Above: Screenshot of Guytter's home page


November 24, 2013

Created by

Blue Mario


For fans and GoAnimators

Type of site

Social network service, microblogging



Area served



Rouz, Republic of Guy


Guytter (portmanteau of Guy and Twitter) is a social network and a microblogging service created by Blue Mario as a goal of "introducing GoAnimators into the world of social networking by joining its own social network". It is the first social network in row of GoAnimate-related networks. Guytter is a spinoff of Twitter. It was founded on November 24, 2013, and is open 24/7.


Blue Mario was looking an idea to create his own social network throughout his imagination. On November 24, 2013, he founded Guytter, a social network for GoAnimators. Throughout his name in fictional world Guy is in the name, the social network is notoriously mostly appropriate for Guy's fans (Guy is shortened of Guyisbackable, alternate name of Blue Mario).


Guytter has a microblogging feature with linking to something available (such as linking to a website for a video, image, sound, etc.) and a contact form-like way of finding a friend to be a fan of him/her.


Guytter has 2 members. They are:

  1. Guyisbackable (known on Guytter as GuyComedian) - founder
  2. BatteryMill (permitted for being a Guy's friend after apologize of making (USER) videos out of his haters) - first member except for the founder


  • The Guytter logo is a plagiarism of Twitter's logo, but with a little different font.
  • The Guytter logo has a different look on the site, but also has a version without a rectangle with a gradient, never used on the site.

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