An HK-Copter.

An HK-Copter is referred to a short-lived variety of Makron's large airborne rotor-capable Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer.

It has a visual appearance of a Vietnam War era helicopter, except it is autonomous, just like all other Terminators were. It is a Corrupt Terminator analog of both the Combine Gunship, and the more famous HK-Aerial.

Its main armaments were its side-mounted miniguns used to decimate its targets. Often operating in support of ground sweeps by swarms of ST-75 Light Terminators, they're one of the more formidable foes for Coulden to take down. Along with AV8s, the HK-Copters are the only known Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers, as well as tertiary antagonists, along with ST-75s and P-60s.


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