HNWF (Hardcore Nonstop Wrestling Federation) was a notable indie wrestling company. It lasted 20 years before shutting down.
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HNWF originated from MCWA (Mercer-Chaffinch Wrestling Association), which was developed in 1989 by Greg Mercer and Benson Chaffinch. Stars of the early days include "Amazing" Arnold Pearson, the Sorensen wrestling family - even the two founders wrestled at times! Then, in 1997, Mercer and Chaffinch started having different opinions on how the company should run. Chaffinch was bored with the company's current state and wanted to make the company more extreme, based on the popularity of ECW at the time. They decided to settle their dispute in a match. Whoever won the match would fire the other. Eventually, all hell broke loose when the entire roster started picking favorites and assisted them. What ended up happening was Chaffinch and all of his supporters quit the company and formed a new one called 5CW. Eventually, MCWA went under the following year due to financial woes. However, Mercer formed a new company, Action Pro Wrestling, in 1999 to battle with 5CW. The conflict lasted 8 years until 2005, when Action Pro finally won out and bought the company. Chaffinch had his revenge though, when hired thugs ran him out of the country due to money woes with a gang leader. This put Chaffinch in charge of the company, and he renamed the company HNWF. Then, Chaffinch got bored with wrestling and left the company, leaving the ownership to his subordinates.


HNWF shut down in 2019 due to many of their superstars tragically dying and being unable to pay off the lawsuits made by the families of the wrestlers. At one show, Mason McLaren smashed Kidd Clutch's teeth out with a chair and went on a lengthy unscripted rant about the company. He was fired from HNWF the next day, and Mason was arrested with charges of assault that day as well.


NOTE: Championships that are in normal text are HNWF original. Championships in italics were acquired after HNWF bought 5CW.

MAJOR: HNWF World Championship (Current Champion: Mason McLaren)

HNWF Heavyweight Championship (Current Champion: STIGMA)

MINOR: HNWF Television Championship (Current Champion: Bruce Wild)

HNWF Light Heavyweight Championship (Current Champion: Kid Krash)

TAG TEAM: HNWF Tag Team Championships (Current Champions: The Myer Brothers)

Hardcore: HNWF Red Ace Championship (Current Champion: Randy Viper)


HNWF held many different special events during its existence.

  1. Extreme Revolution
  2. Against All Odds
  3. Aces of Death
  4. Power Hour
  5. Clash of Champions
  6. Uncensored (Replaced by Backlash)
  7. Battleground
  8. Hell's Kitchen
  9. High Voltage (Replaced by No Way Out)
  10. Armageddon
  11. Fusion
  12. Payback
  13. Last Man Standing
  14. Breaking Point
  15. No Mercy
  16. One Night Stand
  17. Lockdown
  18. TNT
  19. No Man's Land
  20. Fall Brawl
  21. One Night Stand
  22. Ladder Wars
  23. Top Superstar (2004-20??)
  24. Battle Royale 
  25. Hardcore Dream (1-35)
  26. Alice in the Chamber
  27. Rock Bottom
  28. InVasion 
  29. Arena House of Rock
  30. Summer Wars 
  31. Royal Rumble 
  32. Monday Night Warzone
  33. Wednesday Night Takedown
  34. Friday Night Anarchy
  35. Fallout

(More Coming Soon!)

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