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HNWF Battlefield is a 2014 Event that is before the PPV Top Superstar


Date: August 10th 2014

Venue: Yankees stadium

Place: New York, USA

Theme Song: FFDP- House of The Rising Sun

Main Event: (Any user can Makeup the main event)

Match Card

  1. Unstable vs The Deliquents (Tag Team Elemination  Street Fight): Unstable def. The Deliquents 
  2. Ted Myers vs The Amazing H (Steel Cage): Ted Myers def. Amazing H 
  3. Yukki vs Starfade (Single Match): Starfade def, Yukki 
  4. Dominick Lockheart vs Chris Chaos (Extreme Rules): Chris Chaos def. Dominick Lockheart
  5. Kiva vs Tyler Maretti vs Dj Khaled (Thriple Threat TLC): Kiva def. Khaled and Maretti 

Main Event 

  • Nicholas Mendoza vs Boomer vs Mason McLaren vs Roach vs Gonzalez the Russian Gaint (6 Man Extreme Elimination Chamber) Mason McLaren def. All 5 Superstars 


  • Mason exited the Chamber holding his mask which is drenched in blood.
  • Kiva returned in 2013 to confront Boomer which ends in a Bloody Brawl.
  • When Boomer exited the pod he had been holding a Monkey Wrench.
  • The 6 Man Extreme Chamber had been recorded as one of HNWF's bloodiest Elimination chamber matches of all. 

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