HNWF Bound For Glory is a PPV That took Place in March 2nd 2014
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Date: March 2nd 2014

Stadium: GoCity Stadium

Theme Song: Skillet - Sick Of It

Main Event: Team HNWF vs The UnStable

Match Card

1.Vincent Easter vs Jack Melano (Street Fight) (Jack Melano's Soviet Championship): Vincent Easter defeats Jack Melano and is crowned the Soviet Champion However, during the match Jack set Vincent on fire

2.Kimachi Shimizu and Joey DeBanka vs The Russian Bulldogs (Alexander Kozlov and Russian General) (Ladder Match) (Kimachi and Joey's HNWF Tag Team Championships): Kimachi and Joey defeat The Russian Bulldogs in a Ladder Match.

3.Golden Freddy vs Vampire Boy vs Mason McLaren (Lockdown Match) (Scorpia Championship): Vampire Boy defeats Golden Freddy and Mason McLaren and obtains the title. However, as Vampire Boy is walking back to the locker room, Mason attacks him and throws Vampire Boy in a river.

4. 12 Man Battle Royal (to win the right to face Ted Myers at HNWF Tables Ladders Chairs 2014): Ted Baxter wins the match, earning the right to face Ted Myers in a TLC Match.

5. Team HNWF vs The Unstable (6 on 6 Tag Team Extreme Rules) (who control the HNWF universe): The UnStable win the match with a little help from Freddy and his animatronics.


Balloon Boy speared Randy Viper into the Ladder.

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