Harold Slikk Is Leopold's Extremly Bad Dad

Harold Slikk (Leopold's Bad Dad)

He Always Beats Up Leopold

Things That Harold Likes

  1. Beating Up Leopold
  2. Protecting Leonard
  3. My Little Pony
  4. Farting On Leopold's Face
  5. Going Fishing With Leonard
  6. Being Nice To Leonard (In Miguel Organzo's AGK Series)
  7. Beating Up Sean Pukeface (In BadUsersSuck!18's AGK Series)
  8. Beating Up Leopold So Bad! (Also Was Seen In BadUsersSuck!18's AGK Series)
  9. Beating Up Caillou And Assaulting His Dad And Leopold (In CuriousGeorgeRocks!'s AGK Series)
  10. Listening To Tunak Tunak Tun
  11. Being Hired
  12. Playing With Leonard
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