Hassan is a major character in the official Zack series who is created by YouTube user Kryalis (originally BradleyWestgarth1999). Hassan made his first appearance in the Zack episode "Zack's Girlfriend". He also had his own mini-series about him struggling through life. However, only one episode was made and the series remained unfinished. His parents are divorced and he lives with his father. He is a hard working student in school and is commonly popular. He is in a decent relationship with Zack. His best friend is the school bully Derek, who he befriended after going into depression from his parents splitting. He is the tallest student in his class and in Comp School.


Gender: Male

Hair: Maroon

Age: 15 (Official Zack series)

20 (Current logical age)

Occupation: Comp School Student

Family: Clive (Father)

First Appearence: Zack's Girlfriend

Last Appearence: Zack vs Derek

Voice: Young Guy

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American

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