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Henry the grounded kid

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Henry's Father

Henry is a Grounding Anime Characters

Created by AJ Kolden


Age: 14

Birthday: Dec 11, 1999

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Mcdonalds, and Tacos

Favorite Drinks: Coke and Chocolate milk

Favorite Subjects: Drawings and Video Games

Likes: Computer, Adventure, Nintendo, not Troublemaker, Nickelodeon, and Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

Dislikes: Groundings, Homework,(somtimes) detention, Math (sometimes), Playstation,(sometimes) Xbox (somtimes) Steak, Mustard, Dad gets angry, and Baby shows, (somtimes)

Least Favorite Drinks: Pepsi

Voice: Paul (Pilot)/Dave

Favorite Animals: Fox, chupucabra and Mothman, And cats.


Henry's original name was Tomas in the Pilot. Henry is a spoiled brat, he is rude, mean, selfish, dumb, and Deadly sins. He was a main characters in "Henry gets Grounded" (Series).

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